What helps you stop arguing with reality?

One of my favourite things to do, when feeling stuck in any area of life, is to ask myself what might an imaginary More Well-adjusted Me do (instead of falling into unhelpful old patterns). This blog post has more self care coaching ideas to help you assess each situation for what it is and choose peace, ease and happiness wherever possible

The puddle (in the video) is an extreme example and I was only tempted to forge ahead regardless for a split second (yup. Low bar) before reassessing and changing direction.

But there are all sorts of ways in which we carry on regardless even when a better adjusted version of ourselves would not argue with reality and make more sensible plans.

Journal prompts

When you mentally scan your whole life right now (friends, family, other relationships, work, home, health, finances, fitness, fun, dreams etc etc etc), are you feeling stuck anywhere?

Is this due to your refusal to see an enormous metaphorical puddle in your way and course correct?

Maybe you give up on things you want too easily and your ‘edge’ could be to pause before giving up and see if there IS a way through what feels unlikely or even impossible?

Repeat this question for each area of your life and allow whatever answers to spring to mind.

You might want to harness your unconscious mind even more and instead of writing, draw whatever puddles or other obstacles spring to mind as you imagine each area.

If doodling or drawing (or writing), you might also want to ask yourself what easy, joyful, peaceful Next Step a Better Adjusted You might take in each scenario.

Let yourself be surprised by your inner wisdom

Feel free to email eve@selfcarecoaching.net to let me know what surprised you and what you’ll choose to do differently as a result.

And please feel free to share this post on your social media etc so others who may find it helpful can read it.

Originally published at https://selfcarecoaching.net.



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