What do you WANT this New Moon?

The New Moon is a wonderful time to set intentions and the clearer we can be, the more likely we are to make them a reality. This blog post also has an Angel Card oracle reading, a link to a New Moon Yoga Nidra and journal prompts


Grab your journal, or several pieces of paper, and keep answering this question:

What do I want?

Keep writing your answers. They may feel silly but get them all out of your system.

I want justice, equality, peace and freedom for all. I want people who hurt others to face consequences and appropriate rehabilitation (HOW we’re in a situation where world leaders have behaved so badly with so few consequences for so long astonishes me).

I want every baby, child and adult on the planet to have safety, security, abundance and love. The capacity to live life to the full.

I want to see more of my friends!

I want more downtime.

I want to KNOW how to drive (let’s face it. I really don’t want to have to actually LEARN how to drive) and to be singing along as I explore this wondrous new home country of mine.

I want, I want, I want — I’ll continue with my journal…

Think about different areas in your life — work, relationships, your own dreams, adventure, fun, fitness, creativity, finances, travel, the bigger picture, health, family, home etc etc etc and keep answering until you’ve run out of things you want.

Why DON’T I want what I want?

Getting clarity around what getting what we want means giving up is essential too. Maybe you don’t WANT to up your game, prioritise the dream, let go of old comforts (even if they made you miserable). READ MORE…

The choices are YOURS

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with recognising that you want ____ but aren’t, at this time, ready to do all in your power to make it a reality.

You get to choose what you focus on.

But by making your wants — as well as your needs — more conscious, you’ll benefit from the clarity AND reality checks.

This New Moon Yoga Nidra can help

By gaining clarity around what you want, your Sankalpa becomes more focused, more potent and more enjoyable to work with. Your unconscious and conscious minds start working more harmoniously and you live life in a flow that may feel unfamiliar but which can become your new normal.


Be open to the magic of life

While it’s important to know what we want, it’s also important to acknowledge that we’re specks of stardust in an infinite Universe. Learning to let go, surrender and be open to MORE than we can imagine for ourselves is transformative.

If you’re into gardening, planting actual seeds can be a helpful way to connect with the healing power of nature as you continue to nurture all your dreams, intentions and goals.

Sooooo…. What do YOU want?

Feel free to email eve@selfcarecoaching.net to let me know.

And please feel free to share this post on your social media etc so others who may find it helpful can read it.

Originally published at https://selfcarecoaching.net.



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