Can cats make us kinder? I think so!

This week, Rainbow MagnifiCat is inspiring me to extend the patience and adoration I naturally feel for her for more of my fellow humans…

I’m not suggesting we ignore the need for healthy boundaries and that we don’t do everything we need to do in order to maintain them BUT, imagine a creature YOU adore.

Maybe your cat? Dog? Lizard? Toddler?

Anything at all.

You’re smiling now even IMAGINING it, aren’t you? (If not, keep going until you find something that makes you feel that sense of acceptance and ease).

Think about how you stop her (him/they) leaping onto kitchen counters etc with patience.

Now think of a HUMAN

Maybe a colleague. Maybe a loved one. Maybe a neighbour. A friend, A stranger…. Someone you’re struggling with a bit.

What’s happening in your body, in your face, as you imagine THEM?

And their awkwardness. Their irritating habit/s. Their….being complex humans just like us.

Are you contracting with judgment?

What happens if you imagine, just for a moment, that they’re your equivalent of Rainbow MagnifiCat?

How quickly do you notice yourself softening? Expanding? Sending them love, acceptance and understanding?

Repeat as needed!

Feel free to email to let me know what surprised you and what you’ll choose to do differently as a result.

And please feel free to share this post on your social media etc so others who may find it helpful can read it.

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